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Teen reading TorahThe occasion of the celebration of becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah affords the Bar/Bat Mitzvah the opportunity to affirm his/her Jewish identity and to demonstrate his/her taking responsibility for his/her Jewish adulthood by taking major roles in the Saturday service. 


These usually include:

  • Reading from the Torah, particularly the maftir—the concluding” and, on this joyous occasion at least, the climactic portion; 
  • Chanting the blessings that accompany the Torah reading;
  • Reciting the Haftarah,  the “concluding” reading from the Jewish Bible, this time from the section known as the Prophets;
  • Reciting the Blessings that accompany the Haftarah;
  • Joining the Spiritual Leader as theservice leader on Friday night;
  • Serving as the teacher who explains the Torah portion and/or the Haftarah selection and, perhaps, incorporating one’s mitzvah project (the brief oration is usually referred to by one of two Hebrew terms: a d’rash or d’var Torah;
  • Leading some of the Saturday service, especially the Torah service;
  • Co-leading Kiddush with Spiritual Leader both Friday night and Saturday morning; and
  • Donning one’s own tallit, prayer garment, with the recitation of the accompanying blessing.

Our Ritual Chairperson, Jackie Williams, 951-734-8405, will be able to assist with details on this life-cycle event.

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