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As Jews we have an obligation to support our Jewish community by belonging to a synagogue. It is the only way we can guarantee that each generation will continue to pass the Torah on to the next generation.

It is not enough for our children to know they are Jewish -- they must be Jewish. You don't wait to start supporting your synagogue until you have children of school age and you don't stop supporting your synagogue when your children are grown.

Joining CBS is easy! Simply fill out the membership form and pay your dues. Membership dues follow the calendar year, January to December.

Once filled out, just mail your application back - mark it ATTN: Membership. If you have any questions about membership, please contact Bob Stone  (951) 737-7880

Dues Schedule

Double Chai Membership:  

Family Membership (Jewish couples of families with children):

Single Membership (singles or a Jewish partner of an interfaith couple without children):
Senior Membership (65 or older)


Associate Membership (families with appropriate membership with another affiliated congregation):  

Students and active military:

(Full time students under 26 are included in parent's membership)

Young adult (non-married, under 30) :

* A special note for those who have inter-marriage - where your mate may not be Jewish.  At CBS we welcome all, and your spouse is part of your family, thus part of ours.  Your investment is a family membership.

Dues Payments
Membership dues are comparable to other synagogues of our size in this area. However, we never let dollars stand in the way of the ability of members to affiliate with us. We ask only that each member pay their "fair share". A payment plan geared to your individual needs is encouraged, and is handled with full confidentiality between you and the VP of Finance. Contact Renee Miller at (909) 288-5945

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Always associate yourself with the community. Never separate yourself from the community.
  Talmud, B'rachot; Mishnah Pirkei Avot 2:4