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Basic Synagogue Etiquette
As a conservative synagogue, we ask that you observe the following rules of religious etiquette:

Men are asked to cover their heads with a Kippah (yarmulke or skull cap), which is available when you enter the service. Head covering is optional for women.

It is traditional for Jewish men to wear a Tallit during Shabbat morning services. Wearing a Tallit is optional, but encouraged, for women.

Those called to the Torah must wear both a Kippah and a Tallit.
Whenever the Holy Ark is opened or the Torah is lifted the Congregation stands as a sign of respect. We always face the Torah as it is carried around the room.

On Shabbat or other religious holidays, there are to be no flash still photographs taken during the service. It is permitted to video tape a life cycle service (i.e Bat or Bat Mitzvah, an auf ruf held on Shabbat, etc.) only if the video camera is set in the rear of the sanctuary and put in an automatic made without being obvious to the service.

Please silence cell phones and pagers.

Proper synagogue etiquette is to not applaud during the service.

And please no smoking in or about the buildings.

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The Holy One is near to all who call upon G-d in truth.
             Psalm 145:18