Prayers of Healing

Ritual "How To's"

We recite a prayer for healing at all major services. This prayer is known as a mi she-bei-rach, “May the One who blessed…” after the opening two words of the prayer. The prayer itself thinks of healing in broad terms, not merely healing from physical illness, but emotional and spiritual healing from the rigors of life: a friendship gone sour, economic difficulties, a strained relationship and more. We ask those feeling comfortable in doing so to evoke the name(s) of the person who needs healing. If the person who needs healing is Jewish it is preferable to use their Hebrew or Yiddish name according to the formula:

(person’s name) + (son of or daughter of) + (person’s mother’s name) + (person’s father’s name)

One should notice that for a mi she-bei-rach, the mother’s name is traditionally evoked before the father’s name, the opposite of the formula used in an aliyah to the Torah. Questions about Hebrew or Yiddish names should be referred to the Spiritual Leader.